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Okay, maybe not a party. More like a THC infused cappuccino with an opinionated friend who likes to talk, laugh and meet new people. Hang on for the ride…

Cannabis is many things to many people. Their perspectives range from daily recreational use, to medicine, to a scary schedule 1 drug. I can’t speak to all user’s experiences, but I can speak to my own. I grew up thinking “drugs were bad” and D.A.R.E. was good, to casual marijuana “experimentation” in college, to using it as a wonderful replacement for pharmaceutical anxiety drugs.

Did I think I would grow up to be a “druggy”?

No, but I never thought I would drink white wine (major red snob) either.

Cannabis has been laced with innuendoes , fallacies (thank you Reefer Madness), overly sexualized content and illegality in all our living memories. But things are changing…

A worldwide (North American at least) acceptance has been brewing since the 70’s (thank you original hippies). States across the U.S. have started legalizing it on a medicinal and recreational level at an increasing rate. The reason for this; is a complex convoluted matter best left for the professionals, but it comes down to money (taxes), the war on drugs and the country using it…. whether it is legal or not.

With cannabis becoming more main stream (and Main Street) there are a lot of people starting to ask questions. Questions they have never asked themselves before…

What is cannabis? Do I want to smoke cannabis? Will cannabis help with my insomnia/pain? Can I OD on edibles? These are wonderful questions! Questions that need to be answered in honest, unbiased, slightly profane, supportive and hopefully amusing way…just like your best friend. Welcome to the Girlfriend’s Guide to Cannabis.

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