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Sativa vs. Indica - What's the difference?…

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

The first time I was asked if I would prefer Sativa or Indica, I scrambled my brain trying to recall what the difference was and if I had a preference. Fail…epic fail. After far too long…I just went with a smile and a light hearted “whatever is easier for you”. It was one of those moments you’re hoping charm might prevail over looking stupid. I think it was pretty transparent what was going on, as the very nice man politely smiled and suggested I try a hybrid of both.

Come to find out…I DO Care and DO have a preference, as I imagine you will as well…

They are both marijuana. Ultimately variations on the same plant (cannabis) - think of a pink rose vs. a white rose. Hybrids are a blend of both…an offspring (cute little baby weed plants) of the sativa and indica parents plants - think white rose with pretty pink petal tips. Each variation carries its own special attributes resulting in different effects for the user…you :)

Indica originated in Afghanistan. Its plants are shorter and bushier than its cousin Sativa. The leaves are wide, short and carry a darker hue of green. They are fast growers, usually taking about 8 weeks from seed to flower – the flower is what is harvested and the part you smoke. The high (feeling) that is produced is very relaxing and may result in becoming a couch potato binge watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel… which if you haven’t seen, is just absolutely stupendous and you must immediately do so! Indica is also an excellent bed time choice - helping you drift off to sleep without your hamster wheel (brain) running or knee throbbing. Admired Strains include Northern Lights, Grape Ape & Bubba Kush.

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Sativa - my soul sister - has an uplifting effect. A favorite among artists and musicians due to its creative “powers”. Hailing from Eastern Asia, the plant grows tall and thin and can reach up to 25’ (crazy!). Although most stay about 12’ tall. Its leaves are long and thin with a lighter color green than indica’s leaves. These babies take much longer to grow - 12 to 14 weeks. The longer grow time tends to lead to higher prices and less available product on the market…but it is your go-to option for daytime smoking. Providing an energetic & inspiring high - this is the marijuana you want to smoke when you need to do yard work, clean the dishes, make dinner, chase the kids in the yard or become Picasso. Popular strains include; Sour Diesel, Purple Haze, Jack Herer and Maui Wowie.

You may find you love Sativa and like to “lace” it with CBD (as Sativas are lower in CBD). Maybe you dig a specific Indica, but enjoy it much more when mixed with a touch a Sativa. Think of it like lipstick. Many ladies can relate to searching for the perfect shade only to learn…it doesn’t exist. Erg! So we get creative and mix two tubes together (in a little pot) and make it ourselves - Same concept.

However, you may be able to find that perfect “shade” in a hybrid. Growers are cross breading new strains everyday. Each one is different and is grown to enhance specific traits, using different balances of Sativa and Indica in one plant. Pretty freaking cool!! Consider it an adventure….the hunt for your perfect strain. You never know what you will find on an adventure ;)

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