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I'm ready! I want to get high...

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

That is really exciting news! Like you just turned 21 and get to legally have your first drink…or something like that…lol!

Time to talk options. There are tons of options. Like – a lot! For the virgins (first time smokers) I’m going to break it down into three (most popular choices) that should get you started on your new wonderous adventure.

Flower - Dried Cannabis

Natural and non processed - smoked. You have two main options here – a pre-roll (joint) or a container of flower. Personal preference – I would suggest a pre-roll (dispensary term) for the first time. There are no accessories or paraphernalia required and if it’s not a good fit for you, just throw it in the trash – please make sure you put it out before you toss it 😉

A container of flower will require a receptacle to smoke it in…i.e.…a bowl, pipe bong, etc.

Edibles are also a popular option.

They are generally tasty snacks and candies that have been infused with Marijuana. These do not require any additional accessories and can be easily tossed with no need to worry about fires in the trash. This is a discrete option and a great fit for those who don’t like to smoke anything. Since they are eaten – no smoke.

Vapes are gaining major traction in the market.

They are basically electronic cigarettes with Cannabis oil (processed) in lieu of tobacco. There is smoke – but you exhale an aerosol. It will not smell like anything. These are a discrete option and some of the pens can be really pretty. You will need to buy a pen as well as a cartridge of the oil.

The Girlfriends Guide to Cannabis | Marijuana Blog | Pink Pre-Rolls | marijuana | cannabis | marijuana blog for women
Super Fun Pink & Gold Pre-Rolls

Please keep in mind….like cocktails start slow. Try a little bit and see how it goes. You can always have more 😊. Everyone’s tolerance and experience is different, so no need to smoke the whole gram of flower your first “go around”. You may cough. That’s okay – it happens (to all of us). The cannabis community is very friendly and supportive so they will likely hand you a glass of water and ask if you’re okay.

I’m scared! What if I get too high? No worries! Cannabis grows its own cure…CBD. Whoa! CBD counteracts the effects of the THC – making you less high. So if you are partaking for the first time, it can’t hurt to have some on hand if you find you aren’t enjoying yourself (unlikely). Alcohol can’t say that…lol. After too much alcohol you’re lucky if saying anything isn’t slurry. No disrespect to Alcohol…I do love me a cocktail, or some wine or a frozen daiquiri or a clearly I am a fan 😊

Wishing you a very happy 420 (smoke time) on your road to a newly discovered bliss…

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