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Do I want to smoke cannabis?

That is a question you need to answer for yourself. But I would tell you…Fuck ya!

Before you run out to your nearest dispensary, take a moment and give it some thought followed by some research. Do you want to get high? Are you using this as medicine? Will this be a good alternative to cocktails? Are you just generally interested in what “all the commotion is about”?

Also ask yourself…will this affect my life in a negative way? THC is still federally illegal and while many states are quickly legalizing it on a state level, federal law still trumps (no awful pun intended) state law - and this may be an issue for your employer. While many employers are shying away from testing for THC - because their candidate options greatly decrease if they do. Some still test as part of their hiring process and others even test on a regular basis during employment. Don’t let weed being the reason you didn’t get that job. ;)

Having answers to these questions is a good way to start. There is no wrong answer, but knowing the driving force behind why - will help you make the right decision when it comes time to selecting what product to buy or whether you are even interested any longer.

Now off to the research…I would suggest getting a firm understanding your state’s laws regarding purchasing and possessing cannabis. No point in getting arrested over it.

While in a number of states like California and Massachusetts - it is the equivalent to buying alcohol, some states such as Alabama and Oklahoma do not legally allow cannabis (medicinal or recreational) and any amount can land you in jail for up to a year. Totally worth the Google to get an understanding of your state's legal stance and much cheaper than a lawyer ;)

Once you know whether or not possessing cannabis could result in handcuffs (which is crazy) and you know why you want to partake – Go for it! You may be surprised at happy it makes you…

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