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About the Girldfriends Guide to Cannabis | Marijuana Blog for Women | Cannabis Blog for women | Marijuana Blog | Cannabis Blog

We should start by saying...we think we are pretty awesome and we feel the same way about you!  Imagine the fun we could have together if we sprinkled our awesomeness with a little cannabis?  Fireworks of fun!

Cannabis is the topic of many conversations.  More so now than ever before.  A conversation some dive in to be part of and other shy away from. became clear to us that there needs to be a platform for this conversation in an environment that is friendly, encouraging, informative and pink (we love pink!).  And just like that....The Girlfriend's Guide to Cannabis was born!  Our goal is to be your female friendly resource for information, laughs, encouragement and the general feeling that you are with you hanging with your girls sharing a pink pre-roll.  :)

Cannabis Leaf | The Girlfriends Guide to Cannabis | Marijuana Blog | Cannabis Blog | Cannabis Blog for women | Marijuana Blog for Women
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